Although the situation has many similarities to the circumstances of April and May, we are much better prepared in November than we were 7 months ago, particularly in terms of equipment, processes and information. However, we must avoid being complacent.

The government made it clear earlier in the year that it considered the repair and maintenance of the country’s water supply, sanitation and heating systems to be an essential service. If anything, this is even more important as we approach the Winter than it was in the Spring and Summer.

With this in mind, we intend to continue to provide services as close to normal as regulations permit throughout the current lockdown.

Our customers can help us to minimise the spread of the virus during this period by co-operating in two different areas:

1) By minimising the time spent in branch. This might be by choosing to have materials delivered rather than collecting from the branch, or by ordering in advance by phone, email or via our website. For customers who prefer not to enter the branch, we are happy to bring your pre-ordered materials out to your van.

2) By observing our COVID Secure systems when visiting the branch. This includes sanitising your hands, maintaining social distancing and by wearing a face-covering.

As we did last time, we will study any new government initiatives aimed at supporting small and medium sized businesses and will keep our customers informed of anything which we think might be useful.

If the situation changes, we will post updated information on this site.

I have been deeply impressed by the level-headed approach that the overwhelming majority of our customers and colleagues have displayed throughout the pandemic and would like to thank you all for your endless patience and good humour. I have no doubt that this will continue as we navigate the unwelcome, but inevitable inconveniences that the coming weeks will bring.

It is an absolute pleasure and a privilege to work with you.

Roll on 2021!

Best of luck and keep safe. Ne cede malis.

Ray Stafford, Managing Director, Williams