In our experience and on a variety of forums and gas groups on social media, we often see gas engineers asking the question ‘What’s the best boiler?’. Although this can’t truly be answered (it’s a bit like asking what’s the best aeroplane – there are too many factors to consider), we are seeking to find the closest answer we can, in terms of how easy it is to work on, build quality, quality of components, how easy is it to get spares and so on. Using this data we should get a well rounded and definitive answer. We need as many gassafe registered angineers to take the survey as possible. It’s a comprehensive survey with some qualifying questions, and as such (depending on how many different boilers you’ve fitted over the last 12 months) can be a lengthy survey, so it might be an idea to brew a cuppa and sit down for 20 minutes.

You can access the survey by clicking this link. For those that complete the survey and have a verifiable gas safe number, we will enter into a draw to win £500 of love2shop vouchers or amazon vouchers, winners choice. There is also a second place draw for £250 of the same. The draw will take place after the survey closes (end of November 2016).