With all price promotions, there are inevitably people who make a purchase either just before the price is reduced, or just after the promotion has ended and the price has returned to normal.

No-one likes to think that they have missed out on a bargain, and we fully understand the sense of frustration that it can create.

We hope that, on reflection, people will see that this is unavoidable. For example, if we were to extend the offer deadline until Monday noon, then there would still be someone who made a purchase at 12:01 and just missed out.

In general our customers like promotions, particularly if they get the opportunity to snap up a few bargains. As suppliers, we like the opportunity to reward existing customers and attract new ones, and are confident that they understand that there has to be a limit to the time that we can sustain them.

Most of our promotions run for an entire 4 month marketing cycle. Sometimes they are limited to a month, a week, or – in the case of Black Friday – a single weekend. They all have to start and end at some point.

Technical glitches provide another challenge. With many thousand registered members, using a wide range of browsers on an array of different computers, tablets and phones, we are bound to have people who experience problems logging on. This may be as simple as a forgotten password, or it might be a more complex technical issue. Whilst we will do our best to help over the weekend, we have finite resources, and we do expect (and hope!) to be quite busy.

So, if you are reading this after the event, and are feeling miffed that you missed out on a bargain, we genuinely understand your pain, and we honestly sympathise.

However, much as we love you, we can’t back-date or forward-date the promotion.

If we did that for you, we would feel obliged to do it for everyone, and if we did it for everyone, we would rapidly go bust. And that would be such a shame.

Our staff are not authorised to offer Black Friday deals outside of the terms of the promotion, so please don’t give them a hard time.

If you are still not feeling the love, my direct line number can be found on the “contact us” page. Feel free to let off some steam yelling at me, so long as you don’t mind me yelling back.

Ray Stafford

Managing Director