Employer size: 250 to 499 employees Hourly wages pay gap

In our organisation, women earn £1.10 for every £1 that men earn when comparing median

hourly wages. Their median hourly wage is 10% higher than men’s.

(If we were to rank our male and female colleagues separately, from the lowest to the highest paid, the middle- paid colleague is the median. The median pay gap is the difference between the male median and female median.)

When comparing mean hourly wages, women’s mean hourly wage is 13% higher than men’s. (The mean gender pay gap shows the difference between the mean or average hourly pay for all men compared with all women across an organisation. Like the median, it is expressed as a percentage.)

Pay Quartile headcount gender %

  Male Female
Upper 71% 29%
Upper Middle 60% 40%
Lower Middle 91% 9%
Lower 91% 9%

Bonus pay gap

In our organisation, men earn £1.15 for every £1 that women earn when comparing median bonus pay. Their median bonus pay is 15% higher than women’s.

When comparing mean bonus pay, women’s mean bonus pay is 48% lower than men’s.

Who received bonus pay?

92% of women

76% of men